Swiss Replica Patek Philippe UK introduces the Calatrava 5224R with a 24-hour dial

The travel time has become somewhat of a perfect replica Patek Philippe signature over the years, with the globetrotting time display making its way into more and more of the maker’s collections. New for 2023, the luxury fake Patek Philippe Calatrava reference 5224R combines this useful complications with a 24-hour dial, while retaining cheap copy Patek Philippe Calatrava UK signatures like the stepped bezel and lugs.
To help preserve the clean lines of the 42mm by 9.85mm rose gold case, 1:1 fake Patek Philippe UK integrates all the movement interaction into the crown, freeing the case band of any unnecessary pushers or correctors.

The dial will certainly be the biggest point of contention – not only for its 24-hour layout but its orientation, too. Those familiar with 24-hour dials will expect the 24 to sit where the 12 usually sits, but AAA replica Patek Philippe flips that upside down – a curious choice. As expected, the dial finishing is exquisite and complex, combining azurage, circular graining and brushing. Applied Arabics are used for the even numbers, while the odd ones are replaced by applied batons – both of which get cut off by the seconds sub-dial.

It’s a Swiss made replica Patek Philippe folks, the movement will be lovely whichever way you look at it. The micro-rotor calibre 31-260 PS FUAH makes the most of the brand’s know-how, adding travel time and 24-hour modifications to a thin time-only base. All of the movement’s functions are controlled via the crown via a patented mechanism, and its tech specs aren’t too shabby either, with a Gyromax/Spiromax balance/balance spring combination and a 48-hour power reserve. The first crown position of Swiss movement copy watch uk is used for winding, the second for local time adjustment in one hour increments, and the final for setting the time, which also hacks the movement.

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