New watch alert: Andrew unboxes his precious UK cheap replica TAG Heuer Skipper

“So, I am deeply uncertain about what I’ve done. It all just happened so quickly and now I don’t know what I’ve done.” This is how Andrew kicks off his unboxing video of his major #NWA: the perfect replica TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper in 18k rose gold.

With Time+Tide Tribe a new home for our more colourful content, Andrew films his live reaction and unboxing of his new UK luxury fake TAG Heuer, so you can see, in real-time, his thoughts, analysis behind his purchase, and the inner monologue of rollercoaster emotions. You would think sharing a new watch purchase would be all happiness and joy, and that may or may not be where it all lands at the video’s conclusion.

It may have seemed like he held off on cutting open the box in an effort of showmanship and building up suspense for the purposes of content. In reality, Andrew was genuinely concerned he may have been too impulsive and he was terrified of how he would feel once he opened the box. As he explains in the video, this 1:1 fake TAG Heuer rose gold Skipper was a novelty that caught his eye at Watches and Wonders, but he had only had the chance to hold it for a few minutes in the heat of all the watch fair action.

It was only when a scrumptious photo of the watch, courtesy of our talented friend Tim Vaux, hit his Instagram feed that he became once again hot and bothered. A day later, still in lust, Andrew texted an aaa quality replica TAG Heuer rep in Australia to purchase the watch. The anticipation would then turn to anxiety as Andrew waited for the watch to arrive, and once it did, as torturous as it was, Andrew waited until he was ready to open it and film the opening to share the experience with you all: the Time+Tide Tribe.

This is a good moment to remind you all that we launched, our new channel, just a few months ago. While uploads have been admittedly slow since the initial replica Watches and Wonders launch, I can confirm that a whole bank of behind-the-scenes, on-the-ground, and explorative content is set to be shared on the channel. So, you definitely need to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow our Instagram profile to be tuned in for all the action.

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