UK Cheap Replica IWC Portugieser Automatic

This is the year for perfect replica IWC’s Portugieser. They revamped the entire collection from the basic time only automatic to the impressive Eternal Calendar. And for a dress watch, our pick is the base 1:1 fake IWC Portugieser Automatic.

The luxury replica IWC Portugieser Automatic is available in two sizes, viz in a classical 42mm and in a gender neutral 40mm case. The base blueprint of the beautiful aesthetics and high legibility of the Portugieser lineup is retained. The case is subtly redesigned, slimmer than ever before. The new box sapphire crystal is also larger than before and shows more dial. The case is now available in white gold, red gold, stainless steel for 42mm super clone watches online uk, and in white or red gold for the 40mm variants. Various dial colours are also available.

Our pick is the White Gold IWC ref. IW358402 super clone online uk, with a gorgeous Horizon Blue dial. Perfect as a dress watch. Only nit pick is that we wish that Swiss movement fake IWC will bring back the “International Watch Co.” in italic script of yesteryear, last seen on the 75th Anniversary model released in 2015. Or better still the 1993 Jubilee Edition Ref. IW5441 which bore the Cal. 9828.

The movement is the top quality replica IWC-manufactured 52011 calibre, with the Pellaton winding system using zirconium oxide components providing a power reserve of 7 days from two barrels.

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