UK AAA Quality Replica IWC Unveils The First Fully Luminous Ceramic Concept Watch

UK AAA quality replica IWC has announced the development of a proprietary luminous ceramic technology called “Ceralume” and introduced it this past weekend in the first watch with a fully luminous ceramic case. The Ceralume IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 continues best 1:1 replica IWC‘s history of material innovation, especially in ceramic.

Swiss fake IWC says Ceralume was developed by its experimental engineering division, XPL. The process involves mixing ceramic powder with Super-LumiNova pigments, the luminous material typically used on dials. According to IWC replica for sale UK, in dark chamber testing, the case was able to emit a bright blue light for 24 hours (it didn’t mention how long it took to “charge” the luminous material in the case).

Typically, a white ceramic case would be made by mixing zirconium oxide with other metallic oxides. To arrive at Ceralume, luxury replica IWC added Super-LumiNova pigments to this powdered mixture. It says one of the challenges was developing a homogenous mixture of raw materials since the particles are different sizes, causing particle accumulation in the powder mixture. So, perfect super clone IWC UK used a ball milling process – which is essentially what it sounds like – putting the powders together and using a ball to grind them down before sintering (heating) the mixture at a high temperature to form the case.

Swiss movement replica IWC claims this is the first “fully luminous” ceramic watch. As far as I can tell, the new Ceralume sets it apart from something like Bell & Ross’s BR-X5 Green Lum (and perhaps others – let me know in the comments), which has a multi-layer case, the top layers of which are a luminescent fiberglass composite (it has a non-lume titanium core).

Using the new Ceralume process and material, high quality replica IWC has developed its first Ceralume concept watch, a IWC Pilot’s Watch 41 replica for men. For good

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