UK Best Quality Replica Patek Philippe 1518 ‘Clarin Mustad’ with Integrated Bracelet: Passed

Why This Makes No Sense: A pink-on-pink perfect replica Patek Philippe 1518 perpetual calendar is a collector’s dream. It’s one of the most complicated and important wristwatches ever made. Swiss made fake Patek Philippe only made 281 examples of the 1518s, and only 14 “pink on pinks” are known.

This one’s got a fun history, too: It was presented to auto industry pioneer Clarin Mustad in 1944. At the time, O. Mustad & Son was one of the largest industrial companies in all of Norway. If that’s not enough, this example even has an integrated gold bracelet signed by UK cheap replica Patek Philippe. At first glance, it feels slightly shocking to see a pink-on-pink 1518 pass at auction.

Why This Makes Sense: Sure, the 1518 is beautiful and important, but if you want one, this ain’t it. As the Sotheby’s condition report explains, this one’s had some work done (as most 1518s have, if we’re being honest). It was born on an integrated bracelet, but at some point, it was chopped off so that lugs and a leather strap could be added. In 2004, Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe UK restored the watch and added a bracelet back. If you’ve read our story about Jay-Z’s 2499, it’s similar to the story of that watch.

The dial has also been restored, and the calendar windows are rounded and not sharp (as they would’ve been originally). Still, if a copy watches online uk treated like this was cool enough for Jay-Z, maybe it should’ve been cool enough for someone?

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