UK Perfect Replica Patek Philippe ref. 5550P-001 Advanced Research circa 2012

Stepping away from contemporary customisation, I was also treated to a closer look at not one, but two Advanced Research watches from UK luxury replica Patek Philippe. The Advanced Research project was launched by Patek Philippe in the early 2000s, a department of the manufacture with the sole mission of exploring new materials and mechanisms, developing new patents, and pushing the boundaries of Patek Philippe watchmaking.

This particular example, the best 1:1 fake Patek Philippe ref. 5550P-001 Advanced Research, was part of a limited edition run of 300 watches encased in platinum. Before we get to what well and truly makes this model befitting of the Advanced Research nomenclature, it is important to note that the dial features luminous hours and minutes hands along luminous applied hour indices – something very rarely seen on top copy Patek Philippe’s complication-tier Swiss movement replica watches.

On the exhibition caseback crystal you will notice there is a cyclops-like magnification lens over the escapement. This is to showcase and allow better viewing of the Advanced Research technology within. This is no ordinary micro-rotor calibre 240. Sotheby’s explains: “More than a perpetual calendar, the aaa quality replica Patek Philippe UK incorporates the patented Oscillomax ensemble. This ensemble comprises the Gyromax-Si balance in Silinvar and 24k gold, the Spiromax balance in Silinvar, and a refined Pulsomax escapement.

A notable result of the accrued efficiency brought by the new Oscillomax ensemble, the power reserve of the Swiss made replica Patek Philippe was increased by nearly 50%, from 48 hours to 70 hours, and the movement accuracy was greatly increased. This new balance wheel was an evolution of high quality copy Patek Philippe’s original Gyromax balance design, which is why the release of the ref. 5550G coincided with the 60th anniversary of the Gyromax’s creation.”

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